Vehicle Juddering at speed

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Vehicle Juddering at speed

Post by mahopkinson72 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:57 pm

Ever since we purchased our Grandland Diesel Automatic from new, we have experienced intermittent juddering when travelling at speed.
We have noticed the vehicle dropping from 5th gear to 3rd and 6th to 4th, when the vehicle is juddering and we have to accelerate through the juddering. It can be quite frightening when this occurs. We have been to 2 vauxhall dealear, but they have not found an issue. There are no warning lights on the dashboard either.

Vauxhall suggested we take service manager on a road test, but as this issue is intermittent, we have had no joy? Is this a gearbox issue?

We only ever fill vehicle up with Premuim Diesel. Desperate for help.

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Re: Vehicle Juddering at speed

Post by FMCarbs » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:09 pm

I've had exactly the same problem. It started with an adblue issue a couple of months ago. I had no warning it was low until the engine warning light came on. The dealer garage changed the tank and pump and its still not registering. The car started juddering last week in the way you described so I filled up the adblue and it was fine again until today on the motorway. Had to rev a lot to keep it going and drop down gears. It's booked in with the dealer for adblue issue again next week (6th time in two months!). I'm hoping that's all it is. They couldn't find what was wrong with it and were waiting for Opel in Germany to get back to them.

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