Headlights upgrade (retrofit)

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Headlights upgrade (retrofit)

Post by exprezzyourself » Sat Mar 20, 2021 5:14 pm

My Grandland X Elite Nav comes with standard halogen headlights (bought it used and cannot justify how somebody could configure the car with all these gadgets like memory heated/ventilated seats, all driving assistants etc and did not go for LED headlights?!). Wondering if it would be possible to replace standard headlights with LED genuine ones with some coding?! Has anybody attempted this retrofit? Any info will be appreciated :D 8-)

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Re: Headlights upgrade (retrofit)

Post by Vayerr » Sat Mar 20, 2021 6:05 pm

I'm not sure. I've seen LED lights for sale online but I believe the connector on them is different so it'd be a slightly bigger job. Also I think that LED headlights have automatic levelling where as halogen ones you adjust the level with the little wheel next to your steering wheel by the knee. I mean everything is possible in theory but I'm not sure.

I had LED headlights on my previous car and they were absolutely freaking amazing. I really miss them. Best I could do is fit LED bulbs to my Grandland. Work very well without errors. Had to get the level adjusted (they were shining too high on 0 setting) but a local garage that does MOTs and has a machine to check the level adjusted it for free. Took 20 seconds (theres a small bolt / nut thing by the headlight in the engine compartment).

I don't get flashed and I get nice white light in front of the car. I got flashed twice when using my LED front fog lights though. Both times by a bus driver. Hmm. Stopped using them now cause LED headlights are doing the job and give out more light than previous halogen bulbs + halogen fogs together.

Wasn't expensive either, £22 for bulbs + £4 I think for little plastic clips that hold them in place.

As for why people add everything to the car like a useless panoramic roof which looks nice but realistically will never be used, but they don't opt for what I'd consider almost a safety feature, no idea.

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