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Post by ThirtySixteen » Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:08 am

Hi guys, I have a 2020 Grandland X which I acquired new in Oct 2020 and it’s a Motability car. On the whole I love it.
BUT I’ve had major problems with the high beam assist. Basically it works sometimes and then decides not to next time.
Either that or it will work for about 15 mins and then turn off. It’s so frustrating.

I’ve taken it back to the dealership 3 times.

The first time they said that’s just the way it is and tough.
To that I said ‘bo**ocks’ and told them to fix it.

The second time they told me they’d reset the software and it should be ok now. It wasn’t any better.

So I sent it back for a 3rd time and they said the software needed an upgrade and they did it and it was sorted.

It’s not. It’s doing my head in.

Since then I’ve taken it for a service and the guy on the desk told me his does it and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Basically we chose the Grandland X from Vauxhall because of many things but one of them was the high beam assist (my wife is disabled and has trouble using her fingers, especially in the cold) so this was ideal for her.

Anyway, have any of you had issues with it and how did you get it sorted?

Thank you.

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Post by JohnJacQDM38 » Tue Dec 28, 2021 5:46 pm

Sorry, can't help, but here's my experience.
It works most of the time, especially on country roads, which, to be fair is when it's most useful.
However, it doesn't like fog and gives up at busy junctions and roundabouts, when there are too many headlights going in different directions. It takes about 10 minutes to recover and start working again.

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Post by edgejedi » Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:46 am

Same here, no rhyme or reason why it goes off and the button won't switch back on. I'm guessing it's a sensor issue so I'm just living with it.
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Post by Cyberbob » Sun Jan 02, 2022 4:46 pm

I recently found out that as soon as you go into a 'streetlamp area' the A switches off and also noticed if you drive in fog it also switches off. So it can only be the sensor has been set with various thresholds but is not covered in the instruction manual what conditions need to be met for it to work????
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Post by ThirtySixteen » Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:38 pm

Thank you all very much for all your replies.

It seems as though I’m not the only person having problems and that it is indeed a sensor issue.

I’ve actually spoken to Vauxhall and they’ve told me to email them which I’ve done.

I’ll update if I get a response.

Thanks again.

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Post by Midinotes » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:28 am

Essentially there are a number of factors that will affect whether it works. First off you usually have to drive a certain distance and above a certain speed before it will operate (that I think is documented). Next it uses the camera that reads road signs as far as I know to analyse the road ahead. It is designed not to dazzle oncoming traffic, so it will deactivate the full beam if either: car headlights appear infront coming towards you, the red tail lights of another vehicle are close infron, you are driving through a built up area with streetlights, it is foggy, your speed drops below a certain point…. there might be other factors. Overall it works as I would expect, but I rarely use high beam these days.

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