What don't you like about your Grandland

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Paul12345Brighton » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:39 am

Had mine less than a week and it's going back so they can finish building it! (68 Plate!) Doors out of alignment. Tailgate out of alignment. Tailgate glass falling out and those are the faults I can see!
The car itself is nice, just spoiled for me by poor build quality - I thought the concept of a Friday afternoon car was a thing of the past with all the quality control checks they have these days - seems I was wrong.
There are many things I really do like about this car and I'll happily list them on another post, but since this post is about things you 'don't like' I'll list them here (bearing in mind I've only had it a few days and driven about 50 miles)
*It looks like a Vauxhall but you can really tell that it's a Peugeot, with Peugeot electrics! :-(
*Although looks beefy and solid when you take a close look it's quite flimsy and lightweight
*Supplied with horrible Peugeot locking wheel nuts instead of robust Vauxhall ones. I've had to have the Peugeot ones drilled out before on my wife's Peugeot. They wear quickly and stop working then you can't get the wheel off!
*Finding the clutch hard to get used to, foot keeps slipping off it - not sure if it's the angle of the pedal but never had this issue before
So when mine comes back from being mended and I've done some miles in it I'll report back.

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Sregor1951 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:44 pm

The Traffic Announcement does not work. It has been back in, it is an 18 plate, twice - total of 16 hours - NOTHING has changed. Driven around the M25 at breakfast time etc NO ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by mcvpjd3 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:10 pm

Had mine since May, I agree with most of your list, but do have a few more to add...

The foot operated tailgate is a pain. When it does work it seem to take a few seconds to register, at which point your standing on 1 foot waving the other back and forth looking like a lunatic, or you just do it once and wait, and wait and wait and then decide to do it again just as it starts to open.

The other PITA of the tailgate is that I can't open or close it while the engine is running. With the Insignia, when dropping my kids off at school, it was a simple case of pull up, press the button on the door ( I miss that button) and the kids grab bags, I press button to close and drive off. Now when I get in the car in the morning I can't even start the car until all items are in the boot and I've closed the tailgate!

The other bug bear I have is when I first got it - when I connected my phone (Samsung S8) it cause the infotainment system to reboot every few minutes. After lots of deleting and re-pairing it eventually stabilised. Now it's back. Anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes it just reboots. Pain in the backside, especially when using the navigation and coming up to a complex junction!!

Currently downloading the latest firmware (thanks to a link I found in this forum) from Peugeot website at a massive 31k/sec. Browser telling me it's going to take more than 12 hours to download.

That's all for now - more to follow.
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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Atariman » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:29 pm

My tailgate works when engine is running, either by buttons or foot, it is a shame there is no button inside.

Regarding the foot opening, after much fun getting it to open all the time, and closing it on myself by accident, I discovered where the sensor is.
which is below parking sensor on right of number plate when looking at rear, can open it every time now, even if there is a delay till it work, just kick once below
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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Steve » Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:18 pm

Had 1 week and already had to go back to have roofline console refitted
Also Bluetooth will not store all numbers and if I request a name it confirms name it is going to call then calls a totally different name.
Also Radio freezes on a station and won’t let you change stations until you have turned engine off and restarted it

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Slice » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:01 am

Things I don't like

Hill assist is terrible.
Footbrake or parking brake both have issues.

With footbrake on, even on a slight incline and I take my foot off to accelerate and the car rolls back!
Yes works fine on a steeper hill.

With Parking Brake as soon as you touch the accelerator the brake instantly comes off and you roll back.
With my previous car an Astra 2010 - it would keep parking brake on, until you had the bite and tried to drive off, and you'd feel the car pulling against it before it finally released it - much better and safer especially on a steep hill.

If you put BOTH brakes on it seems to then leave the park brake on for a bit longer even when accelerator is down, even on a slight hill, so I end up using both all the time which isn't cool.

Radio is poor.
I live in Essex and never had a problem with Heart radio in the Astra.
For me when using "Heart" radio station, it randomly seems to switch between Heart London, Heart Esset, Heart Kent, and sometimes cannot find the station.
The solution is to press the "band" button on the screen, and again to get back to the digital FM and it seems to get it working again for a while.

The driver foot well "ledge" on the left side, near the clutch pedal, sticks out too far over to the right and I catch it a lot with the outside of my foot when pressing clutch.

Clutch has a lot of travel before doing anything.

Hate the keyless system for all sorts of reasons. Never buying a car with one again.

Agree with the aimless swinging the foot under the rear to open boot, and the wait to see if it worked, but I'll look for the sensor as mentioned above to see if it improves it.

Arm rests on doors feel cheap and plasticy and creak if you lean on.

Front panel door above gearstick is cheap and plasticy and doesn't clean up well, can scratch.

Don't know how to turn off Nav system once it's on - probably something I missed.

Don't like how Nav system starts itself and pops up randomly to show me Vauxhall dealers in the area with no other message.

1st and 2nd gear are too far apart so need to screw the engine whenb accelerating to get up to 3rd ;)

Oh and the gear stick is squeeky in 1st and 2nd - sounds like rubber against plastic type sound - needs greasing I guess.

I like lots of things about it but this is the moaning thread...

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Midinotes » Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:13 pm

Overall I am extremely pleased with the Grandland. At first I did find the clutch pedal hard to operate smoothly and the foot rest or footwell panels sometimes obstructing, but I've readjusted my seat and now I have no problems with either. The infotainment screen (8 inch) seems to have been designed for Left Hand Drive cars and not swapped for the UK, so important stuff like temperature and options are quite far to reach for the driver. The grey text isn't so much of a concern, but I would have like the outside temperature to be on the drivers information screen infront of me. Also the ice warning pop up message should make a sound and stay longer on the screen until dismissed. Standard (non AGR) seats are very comfortable, but they do lack some support on the side bolsters and overall I feel that I sit more on the seat than in it. Other than that, loving everything and hard to fault. Although my journeys are almost all motorway, I easily get 50mpg from the 1.2 petrol and find it more than powerful enough (but then its usually just me or 1 passenger). I do get some suspension noise going over broken B roads, sounds very much like the flex floor in the boot rattling after a bump (a short but hollowish echo) but having checked the boot that doesn't seem to be the culprit. I guess I need to get it checked next service, it isn't so noticeable in the very cold weather. Headlights are excellent (Halogen), although I've swapped to Philips 12972XV+S2 X-tremeVision as is the standard audio system. The glovebox is a joke, but we know that's because they didn't swap the fusebox to the other side in the right hand drive version. I also find it odd that turning off the infotainment system only mutes it, and you can't ever get a date and time display.... oh and the voice control is useless! but minor things really.

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Cadparrot » Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:56 pm

I love mine even though it had to go back for a month while waiting for parts as reverse was crunching (turned out to be crack in 5th and 6th selector arm. The usual intermittent stop start but touch wood all working now (dont have blower on windscreen unless demisting). The only thing that really winds me up on the car is that the front cup holders are totally useless. Since when are cups shaped like that and really small.

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by Spanner999 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:30 pm

On the SE model no folding mirrors,no boot light (It can’t put much on as standard).Gearbox whine and gear crunching.Doors out of line.Stop start a waist of time.Glove box useless.Foot rest to near clutch pedal.Most items are only small grips but spoils a good car

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Re: What don't you like about your Grandland

Post by elk784 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:38 pm

pieman wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:33 am
I collected my Grandland elite nav 1.2T from the dealer last weekend, as i do a lot of business miles i have noticed more and more Grandlands out and about, However what i have noticed is that mine doesn't have the little Elite badges either side by the indicator repeater lamps, is this just mine or are other peoples vehicles the same??.
Mine doesn’t have them either it’s an Elite nav as well!

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