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Hi all. Probably not a setting for this, but is there a way of doing anything to stop the car stop / starting when parking up? I’m aright with it at traffic lights etc, but you then park up, it stops, you then put it into Park (In my case and auto) it then fires back up for you to then have to switch the car off, so can’t be great on the mechanics each time it does these quick start / stops in succession! It’s annoying to say the least. Would be great if it knew via the on board computers that when in park it just remains in the stop settings until you then press the Start / Stop button (Keyless) to switch it off completely.

Love the car, but boy there’s a few annoying features with it. The way I over come it, it by switching start / stop off before parking, but means you have to keep remembering to do that.

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The only way I do it if I forget to cancel it out on start up, is as soon as I come to a stop and it shuts off, I press the cancel button straight away, then at least it won’t do it again for the rest of the journey. Why you can’t hold the delete button and cancel it permanently, I don’t know. Another Friday afternoon idea. They certainly had a few!!!
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