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I took delivery of a new Ultimate at the beginning of October (ordered in June). I have been unable to activate Live Navigation Plus despite spending what seems like hours reading all of Vauxhall's guidance. I have been in touch with Vauxhall Customer Services and they suggested two solutions. Updating the maps (shouldn't that have been done prior to delivery?) and tethering my phone (which I thought had already been accomplished).
The update was about 18GB in size and I used a 32GB flash drive. It took an age to download the update and then over an hour to transfer it onto the flash drive only to be told right at the end that "An error has occurred whilst copying files. Please check the available space on the target disc". I had a second 32GB flash drive so tried again only to have the same thing happen. At that stage I went out and bought a 64GB flash drive and guess what, it happened yet again.
I wasn't quite sure in the first place why downloading a map update should make activating live navigation possible.
Has anybody experienced the same problem and did you manage to overcome it.

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Hi, try the Peugeot app, I found the vauxhall app failed to do the update, I've had no problem since I switched to the Peugeot app, also if you copy the download to another part of your pc before you send it to the usb it would save you re-downloading the update, which takes ages. Just copy the update back into the folder and go through the update as usual it takes a little why as it checks the download but eventually it works.
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In order to get live navigation to work, you need to activate Live Navigation via your "My Vauxhall " app, currently there is a 6 month free trial, connect phone to car via Bluetooth after ensuring that Bluetooth tethering is switched on, it should then work.
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