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Post by PeteW »

Hi all. Wouldn’t mind seeing who prefers what on these keyless push button start cars.

A) Do you get in, push the button to start the car

B) Get in, press to switch ignition on, let everything come on, then second press to start the car.

The question is for petrol versions not diesel.

Interesting to find it why you chose A or B.

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Post by GRANDLANDX68 »

A Always done this on this car and previous cars.
Why do you ask? Are you having an issue ?
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Post by PeteW »

No issues. Just curious as to which way people with this car that has push button choose to do it. Me personally I press once let the radio start up while I put my seatbelt on get comfy etc and then second press to start the engine. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this, just which OCD way do you go. A or B.
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Post by daveb1089 »

Hi, I’ve always gone A. I can’t see the point of having to press the button twice. The car is still in park mode, so I can fit seat belt and do whatever else needs attention whilst it’s starting to warm up. The radio fires up, as does the satnav, hit the heated steering wheel button and then I’m good to go 🤷🏼‍♂️. Maybe I’m missing something?
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Post by PeteW »

Ha ha no Dave. A is good.

Two A’s and One B so far then.

Thanks for your input.
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Post by oldguynewcar »

Good question!

I think I do A.
But sometimes I don't quite push the button long enough so maybe I also do B now and then.

Is there supposed to be a 'short press' vs 'long press' feature?
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Post by satellitemandaz »

Sometimes I press it short by mistake and the let everything come on then press it a second time.
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