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Re: Dashcams

Post by Richy33 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:31 am

Hi, I'm going to attempt to fit my Next base 512 dash cam to my new Grandland X (2020). Can you tell me what type of screwdriver you used to remove the glove compartment? Are they torx screw heads?

Also, was it easy to find somewhere to earth the camera?

Thank you.

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Re: Dashcams

Post by Midinotes » Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:04 pm

I had a Nextbase 402G for a long time. I bought the Nextbase hard wire kit and fitted it to my Astra GTC. Removed it when I sold the car and then fitted it myself to the Grandland X. Very good camera, but it was showing its age and didn't always reliably switch on automatically. Also the reserve battery had completely died and I found it a bit of a pain having to remove it every day (it was quite noticeable with it's suction mount).
I tried a few replacements and ended up with the Viofo A119 V3.

Reasons for choosing the Viofo was (a) it plugged into my existing mini USB wiring kit so no need to redo the wiring, (b) it was very small and discrete and could be stuck right to the top of the windscreen using double sided tape. It can be easily removed if required from the mount (which the DC power lead can remain plugged into - another nice feature) but because of its small size and the fact I mounted it right at the top of the screen near the centre, it's almost unnoticeable. (c) The low light (night) performance is excellent, Sony Starvis sensor and a night HDR type mode makes night scenes almost daylight! (d) the mount has built in GPS and it locks really fast (e) It uses super capacitors not batteries so less likely to be degraded by hot weather (f) Very wide angle lens but not to the point of being fisheye, excellent wide view of everything infront of me. It's discreet and so far has worked flawlessy. Also it records in 2560 x 1600 resolution which looks amazing, although you can change this to a variety of settings.

The only niggle I had when I fitted my hard wiring kit in my Grandland myself was I fed the cable up the door seal and then under the join where the headlining splits between front and main roof (over the passenger door frame near the top front corner). Even though the wire seemed to fit snuggly under the lining, I couldn't get the edge of the lining (where it overlaps the main lining) to sit flush. I ended up putting a dab of super bond gel on it to keep it tidy!
Otherwise fitting the wiring kit was easy - just removed the glovebox and use the fuse adaptor plug that came from Nextbase to plug into the fusebox and then hit the wiring and DC converter the side with some cable ties. Although this particular dashcam also supports parking mode, I couldn't be fussed to replace the cabling for that so I just use as is, although the supercaps keep it recording for quite a bit after turning off the ignition (although that might also be the Grandland's doing).


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