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I've got an automatic 2020 model and enjoy using the speed limit almost all the time when I'm driving. I would however really like if it didn't constantly go "ding ding ding" whenever the car is driving 3 mph over the set speed limit.

This is mainly when I enter an area with a lower speed limit and press the MEM button to accept the new limit, or if I change the speed limit myself. It also happens sometimes when driving down hills where the car might accelerate by itself.

Since the speed limiter makes the car engine brake when it's driving over the limit, it would be nice to be able to rely more on using the limiter when driving slightly too fast. But I find myself disabling the speed limiter whenever it starts to complain as that's more annoying than having to step on the brake or wait until the car is no longer driving faster than the speed limit.

Is there anyway to disable the audible alert when driving faster than the set speed limit? I don't mind the flashing numbers in the dash.

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