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Dag Hammar
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New introduction

Post by Dag Hammar » Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:25 pm

Hi to everyone.
I’ve recently taken delivery of a new 69 plate Grandland X. Petrol 1.2 manual in SE spec. Colour is Moonstone Grey which I think is a super colour and really suits the car and the black trim panels do blend in nicely with this colour.
Only done a few miles in it but so far I’m pleased.
I did my research before taking the plunge so I knew what to expect and there were no disappointments. I’m perfectly happy with the SE spec, it has all that I need and I like the style of the alloy wheels and the fact that they are a sensible 17’’.
The management at Vauxhall clearly consulted the bean-counters though. For anyone thinking of getting an SE Spec do be aware of some of the ‘missing’ items. There is no light in the boot. There’s no map pockets on the backs of the front seats and there’s no armrest for the rear seat passengers. The boot does not have the dual height floor either so there is a step-up when the rear seats are folded down. All of this I knew in advance so as I said, no disappointment as I knew precisely what to expect and I’m happy.
I have very much enjoyed reading all the comments on the various forum subjects, I hope that some of you will have enjoyed reading the above !

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Re: New introduction

Post by Midinotes » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:03 pm

Welcome to the forum Dag and great to hear about your new car. Definitely the 17 inch wheels will give you a slightly more comfy and quiet ride than the 18s on my sport model. I agree the missing boot light is ridiculous, wonder though if the wiring is there for it? Should be easy to fit one. Also you will get a few advantages with the smaller infotainment display, although no navi you get carplay of course and easier to read text and colours! :-) My GLX is the same colour as yours, love moonstone grey but I'm still trying to find a proper touch up pen for it (small chips etc) as it's not listed on the Vauxhall site.


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