Wireless CarPlay converter (CPLAY2air)

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Wireless CarPlay converter (CPLAY2air)

Post by Midinotes » Fri Jan 03, 2020 8:13 pm

I have just read a review about this new product which basically allows you to use CarPlay without the cable! It looks too good to be true, but the more I read the more it sounds fantastic. Essentially it's a little box that plugs into the USB front port of your vehicle, so in the case of the Grandland it can easily be hidden in the front compartment behind the flap. It then connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and WiFi and allows you to use CarPlay with your headunit, but without having to connect your phone up to the USB cable! This is what I've been waiting for!

The product is called CPLAY2air and according to their website it is compatiable with Vauxhall models with factory fit units.

There's also a review of it here, albeit tested on an aftermarket Alpine headunit in a Golf. I guess the big question is, who will be the first to test it on the Grandland X and if it doesn't work, will the company sort it out or refund? There are a few UK customers in the reviews, all reviews seem pretty positive and although the price is in US dollars, international shipping is included. I am tempted! :-)


Edit (added later):
Ok starting to do a bit more research and sounds like a product that's still in its infancy judging by forum posts...

Might be worth waiting a bit longer until the dust settles and the firmware gets a bit more stable. Also I'm expecting we will see more such products coming out soon, now that the concept is possible.


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Re: Wireless CarPlay converter (CPLAY2air)

Post by edgejedi » Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:25 pm

Sounds like a great idea, the charging port in my phone is crappy at the best of times. I'll watch with interest.
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