Engine check - Engine Repair fault

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Engine check - Engine Repair fault

Post by tutuyo » Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:20 am

Good morning to everyone.

I own a GLX in glorious Topaz blue since December 2019,1.2/130hp and have already done 6500 km with absolute no problem at all.

However in the past 2 weeks an error occurred twice.

Last Monday I switched on normally in the morning and an error came up on the little screen in yellow "Engine Failure, Please repair Engine".Then the car lost power. I switched off immediately and then the ventilator started working.

After 5 minutes, everything back to normal. No error displayed and the car was working fine.

Local dealership told me that it was probably some false alarm.

Then today, again the same behavior.

Again after 5 minutes the error message is gone and the car works as normal.

Of course I booked it on my local dealership to be checked but I was wondering has anyone else faced the same problems?

If yes, did they manage to find out what it was?

Due to the ventilator firing up, could be it some problematic sensor?

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Re: Engine check - Engine Repair fault

Post by Baronoli » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:13 pm

Had the same issue.

My Turbo and intercooler need replacing, it's been at Vauxhall for 4 weeks now awaiting parts.
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